tirsdag den 27. august 2013

Variety: Preliminary program for the upcoming semester, fall 2013

VARIETY seminar
Performance Art History w. Frans Jacobi and guests (other teachers and maybe somebody from outside)
Ongoing series of presentations and discussions:
19.9. at 10-12
3.10. at 10-12
5.12 at 10-12

VARIETY sessions
Series of performance evenings curated by and performed by students as exercises.
2-4 times each semester (depend on number of participating students)

VARIETY series
Other events and courses:

1.- 2.10. at 10-16
Lawrence Malstaff: Scenic Space
Presentation, discussions and micro-workshop

22.10. kl 10-16
Jørgen Knudsen: talking, discussing and maybe even workshopping on Baktruppen from his experience and perspectives.

12.-14.11. at 10-16
Cinematic Space: Course in new techniques of video and computer processing of performative space w. Kjersti Sundland
(sign-up need limited number of participants, see course calendar)

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